The True Craft Podcast facilitates the honest, insightful, behind-closed-doors conversations that craft owners and operators actually want to hear.

Join us each week to hear co-hosts Chris Farmand and Katy Noel as they chat with a guest craft owner about the challenges, opportunities, and decisions facing craft practitioners every day across the country.

Our Latest Episodes

Standing Out With TRVE Brewing Company

Craft brewing is getting competitive… and crowded. Nowadays, if you’re a new or an existing brewery, you have to ask yourself this question: What makes my brewery different from every other brewery out there? For this episode, we sat down …


Pricing In Distribution With Drekker Brewing

For the past 3 seasons we’ve covered the topic of distribution. Today we want to get a little more specific, and talk about pricing within distribution. The guest for this episode is Mark Bjornstad from Drekker Brewing out of Fargo, …


Running On EOS With Sanitas Brewing Co

If you’ve listened to the podcast up to this point, you may have noticed how much we bring up EOS. For those who are unfamiliar, EOS stands for entrepreneurial operating system, and is the brainchild of entrepreneur and author Gino …


From Truck To Table With Muddy York Brewing Co

Today we’re discussing the ever relevant topic of distribution. Adam talks about the high demand in the early days of Reuben’s, what the process of transitioning from bottles to cans was like, and an overall perspective on cultivating a relationship …


Leadership Tools With TrimTab Brewing Co

Today we’re talking about sharing the vision and leading the brewery team. The guest for this episode is Harris Stewart from TrimTab Brewing Co out of Birmingham, Alabama. We hear from Adam about the different cultural leadership styles he has …


Expansion Operations With Beer’d Brewing Company

Today we’re talking operations. In other words, how to keep sh*t from hitting the fan. Adam tells us about his current search for a Director of Operations role, the methods used when introducing a new brewer, and the hiring/interview process …


Branding A Brewery With Stone Corral Brewing

Marketing? Advertising? Branding? PR? Call it what you like… the bottom line is customers need to know you exist.  In this episode we start off with Adam giving us the background behind the clean look of the Reuben’s Brews logo, …


Creativity In Chaos With Sanitas Brewing Company

For the first two seasons we’ve reserved the second episode to discuss what we called atypical times, but things have changed since then. Depending on where you are, things may be returning to “normal.” So today we’re talking about this …


Starting Up: The History of Reuben’s Brews And Surfridge Brewing Co

Welcome back to another season of The True Craft Podcast! We’re thrilled to introduce our co-host for Season 3, Adam Robbings from Reuben’s Brews out of Seattle, Washington. Adam is an incredible wealth of knowledge as well as a podcasting …


Breaking Down The Brewery Industry With Bart Watson

We’re back with one final Friends of SBS episode before Season 3 releases next week. In this episode, we’re joined by the Chief Economist of the Brewers Association, Bart Watson. We talk about breweries charging their worth, how direct-to-consumer is …

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