The True Craft Podcast facilitates the honest, insightful, behind-closed-doors conversations that craft owners and operators actually want to hear.

Join us each week to hear co-hosts Chris Farmand and Katy Noel as they chat with a guest craft owner about the challenges, opportunities, and decisions facing craft practitioners every day across the country.

Our Latest Episodes

The Relationship ROI with Pearce Fleming from Commonhouse Aleworks

Community goes beyond patron services: We’re talking wholesalers, retailers, local organization leaders, and employees. And when it comes to return on investment, it’s hard to find something that can be more lucrative than authentic relationship building. Chris and Katy are ...

The Revenue in Risk-Taking with Sam Kazmer from Elsewhere Brewing

There is a nuanced game of risk-taking that all business owners must play in order to succeed; however, while there is no profit without risk, risk does not guarantee a profitable business. Chris and Katy are joined on this episode ...

The Raw Truth Behind Entrepreneurship with Chris Farmand and Katy Noel

In today’s episode of The True Craft Podcast, Chris and Katy have a candid discussion about the impact of entrepreneurship on business owners and their families.  Katy and Chris address tough questions through lenses of both coming from families of entrepreneurs. ...

The Power of B Corps with Terry Horner from Liability Brewing

In this episode of The True Craft Podcast, Chris and Katy are joined by Terry Horner, Owner of Liability Brewing in Greenville, South Carolina. They dive deep into the world of B Corps — and Terry shifts Chris’s entire mindset ...

WTH is Happening in Distribution with Adam Robbings from Reuben’s Brews

In this episode, Katy and Chris are joined by a True Craft Podcast veteran, Adam Robbings of Reuben’s Brews. We catch up with Adam to discuss what he is seeing as a Pacific Northwest craft leader in both the taproom ...

Culture Killers vs. Self-Aware Leaders with Greg Parker from Iron Horse Brewery

In this episode of The True Craft Podcast, Katy and Chris welcome Greg Parker from Iron Horse Brewery to challenge the mainstream understanding of brewery team organization. At the end of the day, every person on your team is just ...

The Blunt Realities of Contract Brewing with Zak Koga from Karben4

In this episode, Chris and Katy sit down with Zak Koga from Karben4 Brewing out of Madison, WI to explore the blunt realities of contract brewing in the craft beer industry.  Are the headwinds in craft at least in part ...

The Journey of Craft with Bill Tressler from Hinterland Brewery

We’re back! Join co-hosts Chris Farmand and Katy Noel as they dive right into a new season of The True Craft Podcast. Chris and Katy discuss the vision for the season and kickoff with our first guest, Bill Tressler, CEO ...

An Audio Archive Of Brewery Knowledge

When we started The True Craft Podcast, our goal was to continue our sharing of expert insight and knowledge of the craft industry, but in an audio format. Over one year, four seasons, and fifty episodes later, we feel like ...

Expansion Expertise With Jason Sleeman

We’re at the end of season 4 and we can’t thank you enough for another great season. We thought it would be fitting to cap things off with a friend of the show… Today’s guest is Jason Sleeman, a National ...
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