Meet Our Team Of Craft Experts

The expertise that makes our work so special and effective for the craft partners we get to work with isn’t just built into our knowledge base and service. It’s deeply embedded in our people and our culture. Meet the folks that bring our process, our values, and our “why” to fruition through their hard work, creativity, and love for the craft.

chris farmand

Chris Farmand

Founder and CEO

In 2010, Chris put a stake in the ground and dedicated his firm to the craft brewing industry, with the foresight that niche expertise would be the way of the future. With that, Small Batch Standard was born and has been fullfilling that promise ever since.

"Chris’s breadth of knowledge in the beer industry helped improve ALL aspects of my business. I would give Chris my highest recommendation."

dan bilzor
Dan Bilzor
Managing Partner, Bone Hook Brewing Company

"Chris’s breadth of knowledge in the beer industry helped improve ALL aspects of my business. I would give Chris my highest recommendation."

dan bilzor
Dan Bilzor
Managing Partner, Bone Hook Brewing Company
tom miller

Tom Miller

Chief Operating Officer

Tom is the architect behind the systems, the brand, and the team that make SBS run like a well-oiled machine. He’s the odd man out: a weird combination of engineer, marketer, and entrepreneur who snuck in the side door to hang out with the accountants.

"Chris and Tom are very knowledgeable about the beer industry. This is feedback and benchmarking you just can't get anywhere else."

jamie lee
Jamie Lee
Co-Founder and CFO, Southern Grist Brewing Company
bridget bell

Bridget Bell

Senior Brewery Accountant

Bridget is an expert practitioner and a wealth of knowledge for both clients and coworkers alike. She has always had passion for both beer and the books, so when she met with Chris over a beer in 2015, well… the rest is history.

"Bridget is a wizard in the back office and keeps our numbers straight as an arrow. Bonus, she even has a kegerator built into her kitchen!"

nikki williams
Nikki Williams
General Manager, Gnarly Barley Brewing
ruchi goyal

Ruchi Goyal

Senior Brewery Accountant, Tax Manager

One of those rare souls who gets a rush out of an especially complex federal return, Ruchi is our accounting team’s tax powerhouse. She’s got an eye for the details even the most accomplished number crunchers often miss.

"Working with Ruchi at SBS has completely changed our back office. We're more organized, efficient, and effective."

matt katase
Matt Katase
Co-Founder and CEO, Brew Gentlemen
allison donovan

Allison Donovan

Brewery Accountant

After finding her way to SBS through a mutual friend at Bent Water Brewing, Allie has used her communication and organization superpowers to wow both clients and co-workers as an essential representative of what SBS accounting is all about.

"Allie has a tremendous eye for detail, and walks me through what's happening in our books. She has the heart of a teacher and that matters."

joel mcclosky
Joel McClosky
Owner and CEO, Four Saints Brewing Company
derek smith

Derek Smith

Brewery Analyst & Onboarding Manager

As a self-identified onboarder, accountant, and avid craft beer drinker, Derek’s speed, precision, and accounting skill set is matched only by his understanding and command of systems and technology. And both our team and our clients love him for it!

"Derek made the process as seamless as I think could ever be possible with his attention to detail and his effortless, quick responses."

adam robbings
Adam Robbings
Co-Founder and Brewmaster, Reuben's Brews
julia grubbs

Julia Grubbs

Brewery Accountant, Tax Specialist

Julia is about as far from a one-dimensional bean counter as you can get. She has brought her creativity, dedication, and numbers skill set to our team and clients to great effect and exemplifies what it means to act as a trusted advisor.

"Julia is always responsive and her level of care for our company’s success is reflected in her accuracy and attention to detail."

sten sellier
Sten Sellier
Founder & President, Beltway Brewing Company
abbie foster

Abbie Foster

Brewery Accountant

Already an accomplished accountant in the manufacturing world and a beer insider, Abbie has the perfect mix of numbers competency, financial awareness, and process knowledge to expertly guide and consistently execute for our clients at the highest level.

"Abbie is always there to talk through my questions or ideas and our books are in the best shape they have ever been."

zak koga
Zak Koga
Co-Founder, Karben4 Brewing

Michelle Ryan

Brewery Accountant, Tax Specialist

Michelle is the quintessential public accounting professional. Her tax knowledge is extensive, her client service instincts are impeccable, and as an Enrolled Agent she acts as a key IRS representative for our clients.

"Michelle's command of process and detail-oriented nature have allowed us to get the information we need to make critical decisions."

brad casanova
Brad Casanova
Co-Owner, Archetype Brewing
josh barnhart

Josh Barnhart

Brand Associate

We call Josh the “practical creative.” Since joining the SBS team, Josh has been an essential addition to our brand team, bringing an enhanced level of creativity, discipline, and consistency to our content and interactions with the SBS community.

"I'm really proud of The True Craft Podcast and the conversations we had there. Josh's expertise and laid back approach really helped me to relax and be myself."

brandon skall
Brandon Skall
CEO & Co-Founder, DC Brau Brewing Company
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