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For most breweries, the numbers are the “uncomfortable unknown.” Owners rely on the local CPA or the jack-of-all-trades, in-house bookkeeper to prepare the financials they use to make the most meaningful decisions in their business.

In practice, those indicators lag far behind real-time performance and are rarely reliable inputs. This means those key decisions are instead made based on gut feel, with some after-the-fact course correction thrown in the mix.

More than a few people did exactly this during the “gold rush” early days and came out fine. But as the craft market continues to mature, making key decisions without direct visibility into the numbers and their interpretation doesn’t cut it anymore.

Today, compliance and operational excellence are table stakes, and the gap between the Head of the Class breweries (with their remarkable profitability, breakout growth trajectory, and brand recognition) and the rest of the field keeps getting wider.

Numbers-Powered Growth is our foundational brewery consulting and accounting service designed to help our craft partners make those industry-leading decisions. Are you one of them?

The Numbers

By outsourcing your bookkeeping, tax, and back office processes to us, you immediately delegate a core business function (one that we do better than anyone else) off of your plate.

At the same time you augment your staff with a team of craft brewery industry experts, and entirely offload tax planning, filing, and compliance risks.

The magic happens once we’ve seen two monthly cycles of your financials. At this point, Chris Farmand can start to apply his superpower: interpreting your numbers to uncover opportunities to increase profit, invest in growth, and avoid mistakes.

This will be the focus during our Numbers Huddles (quarterly or monthly), and will form a cadence of accountability for moving your business forward.

We focus on both internal processes, as well as areas that drive the bottom line, including (but not limited to) Sales, COGS, Labor, Advertising, and Occupancy.

Growth Acceleration Support Options

Goal Tracking: In addition to the guidance we provide during our regular Numbers Huddle meetings, we’ll help you track and hold you accountable to the objectives we develop each month. This supplements our core process and ensures you’re hitting the targets we set.

Access to Chris Farmand: Chris has helped breweries make key decisions week-in and week-out for almost a decade. With this added brewery consulting option, you can email or call anytime for review, input, and advice drawn directly from his experience and body of knowledge. Many owners find this aspect of our service worth the price of admission alone.

On-Site Visits: For added accountability and direction, you also have the option of scheduling an annual or quarterly visit with Chris at your facility for direct hands-on strategic guidance.

Full Business System Facilitation: For the breweries highly committed to breakout growth, you’ll have the option of using Chris as your leadership team facilitator, integrating success into your organization from the ground up.

Brewery Business Blueprint Program Membership

brewery consulting bbb image

Brewery Business Blueprint is our premium online client membership program designed to help the breweries we work with increase profitability, grow their outside sales, and streamline their operations and back office by implementing the proven best practices and standards we’ve spent the last decade collecting and refining.

Members have access to six self-contained video courses, template sets, and benchmarking metrics for maximizing your taproom, cash flow, merchandise revenue, inventory controls, and outside sales team. We also run a weekly Small Batch Standard Academy training series, which includes additional insights and Q&A from Chris to compliment the Brewery Business Blueprint material and Numbers Huddle Process.

“Chris exposed us to money we were leaving on the table in our taproom. To the tune of $15,000 per month. His strategies in the Brewery Business Blueprint are a starting point for any successful taproom. We look forward to future wins with Chris!”
charles caldwell
Charles Caldwell
Co-Founder, Tin Roof Brewing
"After reviewing the material in Chris’ modules we decided to leverage our kitchen to help us provide extra momentum for beers on tap that were moving slower than we hoped... We have continued to use this technique over the last several weeks with similar increases for the beer brands selected being witnessed."
John Haggerty
Brewmaster, Warped Wing Brewery
"I recently purchased a brewery and hired Chris to help transition the back office from the previous owners. I was pleasantly surprised as Chris’s breadth of knowledge in the beer industry helped improve ALL aspects of my business. Thanks to Chris, my brewer is making better beer, my sales rep is focused on her key accounts, and my back office is running smoothly. On his most recent visit, Mr Farmand was able to identify $100,000 in savings in our brewery operations. We plan on using his services as we expand. I would give Chris my highest recommendation."
Dan Bilzor
Managing Partner, Bone Hook Brewing
“I would highly recommend working with Chris and the team at Small Batch Standard when starting a brewpub. Having tested processes, software, planning in place on day one was critical; it allowed our team to focus on what we do best while Chris and his team did the same. We will continue working with SBS for our monthly reporting, taxes, payroll, and planning.”
Alex Violette
Pasteur Street Brewing
“We run a very lean operation at Central 28, and have always felt that our time and energy are best directed towards the core mission of our brewery: making great beer and engaging with our supporters. Unfortunately there’s a lot to do in a brewery, and many of them are things we either aren’t great at or take up too much time… we hired Small Batch Standard because managing our financials was a massive drain on our time, and we weren’t doing a great job. Then, we were pleasantly surprised to find we had connected with a partner that has a keen sense for business development combined with the always valuable outsider perspective. They are much more than an accounting service, and as we prepare to grow Chris’ insight is increasingly valuable…”
Geoff DeBisschop
Brewmaster, Central 28 Beer Company

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