Brewery Consulting, Accounting, and Financial Strategy for Craft

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Do you know your brewery’s true profit potential?

Profit is the growth engine for your brewery. Take our profit potential quiz to find out where you stand, and get a custom report from me on your next steps to increased profits and growth.

“Chris and Small Batch Standard have been instrumental for growing our business. We switched to his firm after being open for about two years. His knowledge and guidance has allowed us to tighten up our systems and processes, letting us concentrate on growing our business with the knowledge that our back office is in good order.”

Justin Cox | Atlas Brew Works

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Increase Our Taproom Sales

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Your taproom is a profit center. My 3 Steps To 30% More Taproom Sales guide will show you exactly how to increase your margins and add some fuel to the fire, starting today.

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Position My Brewery To Sell

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Do you ever wonder: what would it take to sell my brewery? Well, my long awaited whitepaper Position to Sell Your Brewery in 18 Months is ready. Just tell me where to send it.

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Get Weekly "Craft Insider" Strategy

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Get a direct pipeline to the trends, intelligence, and best practices we see every day from inside the craft industry. Sign up and I’ll send you an actionable email every two weeks.

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Meet the team ready to help your brewery succeed. Breweries that work with us aren’t just hiring “the brewery consultant,” or a CPA that “does the books and taxes for us.” Instead, you get a deep bench of experience and specialization in accounting for craft breweries, brewery finance, and back-office brewery management and operations.

Our goal is straightforward. We’ll show you the best practices and streamline your finances and back office so that you can get back to what you got into the business to do in the first place: brewing delicious beer, building a business with legacy, and creating memorable experiences for your customers.

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Chris Farmand
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Julie Malinski
Tax Specialist
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Bridget Bell
Brewery Bookkeeper
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Ruchi Goyal
Tax Accountant

“I would highly recommend working with Chris and the team at Small Batch Standard when starting a brewpub. Having tested processes/software/planning in place on day one was critical; it allowed our team to focus on what we do best while Chris and his team did the same. We will continue working with SBS for our monthly reporting, taxes, payroll, and planning.”

Alex Violette | Elkmont Exchange Brewery and Eating House


Craft Brewery Consulting Services

You know your beer, your business, and your customers – many of them probably on a first-name basis. And chances are much of that you’ve had to come by through hard knocks, and trial and error. But as any seasoned small business owner will tell you, there’s always a frontier. A set of next steps beyond your current level of competence, just waiting to be taken.

So what do I do as a craft brewery consultant?

Well first off, it’s not just me, but instead a team of MBAs, CPAs, and accountants with craft industry and brewing consulting service experience. Our job is to come in and use our knowledge, experience, and strategic insights to help you take your brewery to the next level. We’ll work with you to generate more profit, beer, and scale on an aggressive schedule and accelerate your brewery’s growth.

Leadership Strategy

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Every brewery on the cusp of greatness must develop a strategy to reach that next level. We have a dedicated process to uncover the vision of Leadership. Once this is shared with the team we build quantitative goals to work toward the vision. Typical brewery consulting strategy sessions are 2-day closed leadership gatherings with little interruption.

Executive Coaching

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A good coach will ask tough questions and guide you away from emotional decision making. This service is designed for owners who want to elevate their business acumen. We will approach difficult topics that will challenge you and unlock new, untapped potential for your brewery. Coaching sessions will be one-on-one with Chris and the owner. The sessions are usually 4-8 hours.

Business Development

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Sometimes you just need someone who has “been there, done that” to tell you what to do. Brewery Business Blueprint is exactly that. A premium online program for craft brewers and proven path to selling more beer, minimizing costs, and running your business like a well-oiled machine without the price tag of standard brewery consultant fees. Available in 5 and 9 week options paired with weekly calls with Chris.

“Chris exposed us to money we were leaving on the table in our taproom. To the tune of $15,000 per month. His strategies in the Brewery Business Blueprint are a staring point for any successful taproom. We look forward to future wins with Chris!”

Charles Caldwell | Tin Roof Brewing

Craft Brewery Accounting Services

As a small brewery, you’re in a tricky spot. Brewing industry accounting can be just as complicated as any other small manufacturer, but you don’t necessarily have the volume or the infrastructure to support a full-time controller.

Unfortunately, we all know what that means. The brewery accounting work either falls on you or one of your manager’s plates, and all of you already wear enough hats as it is.

That’s where we come in. Whether it’s tax planning, brewery bookkeeping (outsourced controllership), or brewery management services, our team is set up to seamlessly and remotely run your back office, freeing you up to focus on what you do best: brewing delicious beer.

Tax Strategy

brewery accounting tax strategy

Tax strategy is not just another task on the brewery accounting to-do list. Instead, it’s a form of strategic wealth building. Our tax team is experienced in filing returns in all 50 states. We understand brewing so well that we can use that knowledge to maximize the deductions and credits applicable to the industry, and in most cases significantly reduce your tax bill.

Outsourced Controllership

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Depending on your in-house resources this service has two options. One, we can review and cleanup, and close the accounting records prepared by a in-house bookkeeper. Two, we can replace your in-house bookkeeper and handle all the tasks with an outsourced model. Either way you’ll get actionable data delivered by industry experts, as if you had a full time brewery accountant on staff.

Operation Design

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This service examines your current processes from an outsider’s perspective. Then we share our best practices which we have gathered from working with over 100 breweries, aimed at streamlining your operations so that you can more consistently produce the beer your customers love in less time, with less waste. We specialize in back-office processes and work with you on setup, adherence, and accountability.

“We run a very lean operation at Central 28, and have always felt that our time and energy are best directed towards the core mission of our brewery: making great beer and engaging with our supporters. Unfortunately there’s a lot to do in a brewery, and many of them are things we either aren’t great at or take up too much time… we hired Small Batch Standard because managing our financials was a massive drain on our time, and we weren’t doing a great job. Then, we were pleasantly surprised to find we had connected with a partner that has a keen sense for business development combined with the always valuable outsider perspective. They are much more than an accounting service, and as we prepare to grow Chris’ insight is increasingly valuable…”

Geoff DeBishop | Central 28 Brewery


One of the best perks of serving the craft industry is the “head of the class” breweries we get to work with on a daily basis. These business owners, managers, and staff work incredibly hard to brew their product the way the beer gods intended. And we’re proud and privileged to be a part of it.

“Chris and the Small Batch Standard team are an integral member of Wicked Barley. We consider our relationship a partnership. Chris has been there every step of the way to help offer guidance for key financial decisions as well as operational questions. His team has demonstrated invaluable knowledge in the brewery industry and has kept us from flying blind. If you are starting or running a craft brewery, Small Batch Standard is a no brainer.”

Phillip Maple | Wicked Barley Brewing Company


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