The True Craft Podcast facilitates the honest, insightful, behind-closed-doors conversations that craft owners and operators actually want to hear.

Join us each week to hear host Chris Farmand, our resident co-host (this season it’s Brandon Skall of DC Brau) and a guest craft owner talk through the challenges, opportunities, and decisions facing craft practitioners every day across the country.

Our Latest Episodes

Perfecting Your Pairings with Jeremy Storton

We’ve got one more segment we’d like to share with you before we drop season 2. We’re calling it: Friends of SBS. The purpose of this segment is to showcase the expertise and knowledge of our peers and colleagues in …


Vision, Benchmarks, And Scorecards With Tom Miller

Today, we have another killer edition of Office Hours for you. We brought out the brains behind the operation, our COO Tom Miller, to talk about the processes that keep the gears turning.  Chris and Tom discuss methodology for establishing …


Managing Margins With Phil Schwab

We have something special for you while we put the finishing touches on Season 2…  Introducing: Office Hours, a new segment featuring Chris and the Small Batch Standard team, giving you a peek under the hood at the internal conversations …


True Craft Season 1 Recap: What Have We Learned?

One whole season down! We couldn’t be more thankful to our guests, listeners, and of course our co-host, Brandon Skall. In the final episode of the first season of The True Craft Podcast, we take a casual look at some …


Pursuing Profit with Fernson Brewing Company

If there’s one thing constantly on every brewery owner’s mind, it’s profit. Craft and community go hand-in-hand, but community can’t survive without cash. And in this episode of The True Craft Podcast, we discuss profit in the brewery. Brandon and …


Can We Can It? The Aluminum Crisis with Karben4 Brewing

We’ve watched in amazement this past year as brewery after brewery have pivoted out of draft and into cans. But this transition is far from a “set it and forget it” situation. An increase in packaged offerings has created an …


Talking Technology with Liability Brewing Company

Humans have been brewing beer for thousands of years. Needless to say, the industry has seen it’s fair share of technological improvements, which seem to jump further and further ahead each year, all in an attempt to make life in …


Dishing on Distribution with Sailfish Brewing Company

When the big production volume talks start, most brewery owners’ eyes light up. But with great distribution volume comes great responsibility… and some key make-or-break decisions for the brewery’s future.  And that’s exactly what we cover in this episode of …


Steering The Ship: Leadership with Cypress & Grove

Now with in-depth episodes on marketing and brewery operations under our belt, this week’s episode of The True Craft Podcast is all about steering that smooth-sailing ship in the right direction. In other words: leadership. Chris and Brandon begin the …


Managing The Machine: Operations with Reuben’s Brews

Brewery owners know more than most, there are a crap-ton of moving pieces when it comes to running a business. And this episode of The True Craft Podcast is all about operations, and making sure things are running as smoothly …

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