The True Craft Podcast facilitates the honest, insightful, behind-closed-doors conversations that craft owners and operators actually want to hear.

Join us each week to hear host Chris Farmand as he chats with a guest craft owner about the challenges, opportunities, and decisions facing craft practitioners every day across the country.

Our Latest Episodes

Navigating “Beer Guns” and the Next Gen with Richard Fennell of C&G Brewing

On today’s episode of The True Craft Podcast, no stone is left unturned. Katy and Chris welcome Richard Fennell of C&G Brewing out of Dallas, TX. From managing thirty-six “beer gun” taps to navigating Texas beer laws, this episode takes ...

A Deep Dive on Cider with Adam Ruhland of Wild State Cider

Join Katy Noel and Chris Farmand for a very special episode of The True Craft Podcast. In this week’s episode, we welcome Adam Ruhland of Wild State Cider to dive into the dynamic world of cider.  We explore trends shaping ...

A Revolution of Upcycling with Russell Heissner of Barrel House Z

We are thrilled to kick off the new year by welcoming Russell Heissner of Barrel House Z onto The True Craft Podcast! Russ is truly a wealth of knowledge in brewing sustainability. Having developed technology to upcycle spent grain, breweries ...

SBS: A Year in Review with Chris Farmand & Katy Noel

In a special iteration of The True Craft Podcast, Katy interviews Chris on his reflections of the various investments made at Small Batch Standard in 2023. Get a glimpse at the inner workings of SBS, including how we’ve built out ...

Mastering Sourdough and Market Strategy with Philip Maple of Barley & Pie Brewing Company

Today on The True Craft Podcast, Chris and Katy welcome Philip Maple from Barley & Pie Brewing Company. Join us as we explore Philip’s sourdough journey including the trials and triumphs of mastering the craft. What forethought and strategies are ...

Regionalization in Craft with Colin Spoelman of Kings County Distillery

While we’re often discussing beer, there is another whole side to craft: spirits. How do buying behaviors differ between beer and spirits consumers? What can we learn about each segment of this industry through the lens of the other? Join ...

Minuscule Margins with Katy Noel and Chris Farmand

It’s no secret: We both know you’re likely not raking in cash from the wholesale side of your business. Join Chris and Katy on this week’s episode of the True Craft Podcast to get a peek at an internal conversation ...

The Essentiality of Experience with Mark Bjornstad of Drekker Brewing

It isn’t as simple as it used to be, is it? Good liquid alone just doesn’t cut it anymore.  This week on The True Craft Podcast, Chris and Katy are joined by Mark Bjornstad from Drekker Brewing to discuss the ...

The Portfolio Puzzle with Ben Hugus of Ursa Minor Brewing

All aboard the THC train? Where does NA fit into our business model? How do we create a thriving portfolio that kills it in distro? How do we stay relevant without exhausting our resources and losing focus? As we all ...

Industry Maturation & The Innovation Dilemma with Joel McClosky of Four Saints Brewing

There are two indicators that an industry has matured: a lack of growth and a lack of innovation. The craft beer Age of Exploration throughout the 2010s led to questions like, “What could beer be?” which brought about nontraditional beer ...
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