The True Craft Podcast facilitates the honest, insightful, behind-closed-doors conversations that craft owners and operators actually want to hear.

Join us each week to hear host Chris Farmand, our resident co-host (this season it’s Adam Robbings of Reuben’s Brews and Reuben’s Sightglass) and a guest craft owner talk through the challenges, opportunities, and decisions facing craft practitioners every day across the country.

Our Latest Episodes

Decoding Culture With Tom Miller

We’re still recording and putting on some finishing touches on Season 3, so in the meantime here’s another episode of Office Hours with our COO Tom Miller. In Episode 7 of Season 2, Chris and Jen spoke with Matt Katase …


Recapping Season 2 With Chris and Jen

Season 2 has officially come to a close!  We couldn’t be more thankful to our guests, listeners, and of course Jen Febre, our amazing Season 2 co-host. In the final episode of our second season, Chris and Jen take a …


Family Run Breweries With Brävery Brewing

This episode is all about family-run breweries. Jen starts us off by discussing what led her to opening a family-run brewery, what her family was up to before MacLeod opened, and how she’s avoided nepotism. Then we bring in our …


The Rebirth of Draught With Virginia Beer Co

Today’s episode is all about draught. Jen sits this one out as MacLeod is currently focused on taproom sales, so Chris starts this episode off with a talk about decision making. Then we bring in our guest for the episode, …


The Concept Of Culture With Brew Gentlemen

Today we’re exploring the concept of brewery culture. We start with a quick overview of Jen’s bagpiping skills, how to see eye to eye with your founders, and we take a look at what we’re really talking about when we …


Case Equivalents And Distribution With Oliphant Brewery

Today we have something a little different for you. Chris starts the episode off by diving into the topic of case equivalents (CE’s). He covers what CE’s even are, the number of CE’s your sales rep should aim for, and …


Leading Leaders With Bayou Teche Brewery

Jen starts the episode off by telling us her top leadership priorities, what happens when lines are crossed or too many drinks are had, and we take a deep look at accountability in the brewery. Then we bring in our …


Owning Your Operation With Four Saints Brewing Co

Today’s episode we’re diving into the deep topic of operations. Jen starts us off by telling us why she considers her number one job to be the “team-picker”, plus a short history of MacLeod’s portfolio. Then, we bring in our …


Safety Nets And Brewery Insurance With Kyle C. Rheiner, CIC

Today’s guest is an industry expert specializing in brewery and craft beverage insurance. Having worked with over 150 breweries throughout his career, it’s easy to see why he’s a fountain of craft insurance knowledge.   In this episode, we’re talking with …


Small Town, Big Brand With Buckstin Brewing Co

Coming from an advertising background, our Season 2 co-host Jen is a true expert when it comes to marketing a brewery. And that’s exactly the topic covered in this week’s episode. Chris and Jen start things off by discussing what …

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