The Intelligent Action Series: The brewery’s pathway to profit through decision-making

Last week I gave you my Crystal Ball predictions.

And I littered that bad boy with the theme for 2020: Intelligent Action.

Now it’s time to cut the B.S. and explain myself.

The “How” in Turning Pro

Last year we went hard in the paint on this concept of Turning Pro as a brewery.

If you remember, there are some clear characteristics and activities Pro breweries participate in that Amateur breweries do not.

turning pro brewery comparison

But as important as that table is, it’s a bit of a laundry list of “nice to haves.”

And so when I’ve finally prodded you to the point where you utter the phrase:

“We get it. It’s time to Turn Pro.”

The next thought is:

“Okay… now what do we do?”

Principles are important, sure. But they’re far from enough to get the job done.

You can sit in your meditation tent and philosophize all day… but nothin’s gettin’ done unless you get up off of your enlightened ass and go find something to do that gets the ball rolling forward on your grand plan.

This is where Intelligent Action comes in.

And the idea behind it is actually pretty darn elegant if I may say so myself.

Intelligent Action: Defined

At its core, Intelligent Action has two components.

intelligent action breakdown

Component #1: The Intelligence

A callback to the first aspect of our Pro brewery mantra. We need to build intelligence into our decision-making by…

  • Obtaining good information
  • Prioritizing numbers over the gut
  • Building objectivity into our evaluation
  • Adopting a disciplined decision-making process
  • Summoning the will to make the hard choices

Component #2: The Action

Taking the swift, clear-headed action implicated by the decisions you make. We need to…

  • Once the decision is made, act without hesitation
  • Stop talking and show your commitment through the work
  • Move quickly, but don’t be in a hurry
  • Follow through and “ship it”
  • Observe, collect feedback, and adjust

So buckle up…

We’re heading back down the rabbit hole.

Over the course of this series we’ll cover:

First, what Intelligent Action means in practice. What good execution looks like. What poor execution looks like. And what the takeaway is for your brewery.

Second, the building blocks of elite decision-making. The process we believe can unlock the intelligence, creativity, and speed lying dormant among your leadership team… if you follow it.

Third, an under-the-hood look at our Brewery Benchmarks Assessment process. This service is aimed squarely at providing owners and operators with the ammunition for Intelligent Action.

Regardless of whether you decide to work with us, this is information you need to have at your disposal. So we’re opening the kimono. We’ll walk you through exactly what goes into our advisory process for clients on those pivotal make-or-break-the-future-of-the-brewery decisions.

All we ask in return is that you…

Do. Something. With it.

We kick off by taking a look at what we mean by Intelligent Action.

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