Our 2020 Crystal Ball Craft Predictions

Welcome to the New Year!

I hope yours is off to a bangin’ start.

Now before we jump in, you should know…

  1. Here at SBS we’re billing 2020 as The Year of Intelligent Action. More on this in today’s video, but suffice it to say that those in craft who (a) make the best decisions this year, and (b) take swift, unflinching action on those decisions win. The rest? Good luck to you.
  2. Since last year, my Jedi premonition powers have only grown stronger. As you’ll see in a second, I was 5 for 6 in 2019… so not quite Palpatine levels yet, but Obi-Wan for sure. And that means if there are any predictions worth paying attention to for the coming year in craft, these are probably them. (What can I say, humility is a strong suit.)

So without further ado, our 2020 Crystal Ball predictions:

Give it a watch, then fire off an email to chris@sbstandard.com to hash it out with me.


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