Know Your Numbers with Kary Shumway of Beer Business Finance

In this episode of The True Craft Podcast, we delve into the world of brewery financial management with Kary Shumway,creator of Beer Business Finance. Drawing upon his decades of experience, we chat about topics for brewery owners striving to excel in today’s industry, such as:
  1. How to (actually) manage cash flow and why relying solely on gut feeling to make decisions isn’t cutting it
  2. When contract brewing makes sense and when it doesn’t
  3. Where to invest just 10 minutes of daily learning to make a big difference over time in understanding your brewery’s finances
As Kary points out, the notion that “accounting and financial literacy are best left to others” is an outdated mindset. It’s time to take ownership, and Kary provides a unique viewpoint on where to get started.
Beer Business Finance Website:
Craft Brewery Financial Training Website:


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