Annual Goals: The Brewery Benchmarks Assessment Step 4

This portion of the Intelligent Action Series walks through our Brewery Benchmarks Assessment process, step-by-step.

Step 1: Context & Endgame
Step 2: Financial Analysis
Step 3: Taproom, Distribution & Operations
Step 4: The Annual Goals
Step 5: Leadership & Vision

If you believe an assessment is the right move for your brewery this year, reach out and schedule a call to discuss your brewery’s current situation and how we can help.

Alright, time to get down to what you REALLY care about with this process:

Where does all of this get us?

Because let’s be real.

Much of what I recommend to breweries falls squarely in the “hard ass work” category…

So we need to have a clear view of what the payoff looks like when it’s all said and done.

That’s where the Annual Goals come into play.

Step 4: The Annual Goals

Circling back to our Financial Analysis findings, the Annual Goals we establish aim to identify the high level financial targets the brewery needs to push towards over the next 12 months…

And the implications on revenue and EBITDA if those targets are met.

For Hypothetical Brewery, those are as follows:

Picture of Financial Analysis Goals

We’re tasking them with a:

  • 40% increase in BBLs produced.
  • 57% increase in distribution sales.
  • 20% increase in taproom sales.

Which if achieved and combined with the additional cost control measures recommended, will net them:

  • $450,298 in added annual revenue, a huge 32% boost to the top line for the year.
  • A $188,881 positive swing in EBITDA.

Hard ass work? Yes.

Aggressive? Yes.

Worth it? Hell yes.

Next, we’ll close out with the final (and arguably most important) component: Leadership & Vision.

And we find out if the brewery has what it takes to make it all happen.

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