Does Everyone Get a Trophy?

As a father of three, I find myself asking the question; does everyone get a trophy?

Correct me if I am wrong, but when I was between the ages of 8-14 did everyone get a trophy? I don’t exactly remember it working that way.

What I do remember is being mediocre at every sport I played……which landed me on the bench…..a lot.

This is not a sympathy post, hang with me for 30 more seconds.

So can someone tell me why at my son’s final flag football game, did everyone on the team receive a metal?  When they went 2-6 for the season!

I get it, my son’s 8, he’s still young, fragile, and developing. I’ve been told, the idea is to nurture his fragile ego.

How long has this been going on?

Fast forward 12 years and imagine if my son has lived this “trophy” life and comes to work for your brewery.  Ouch

Does entitlement or can-do-no-wrong attitude work at your brewery?

Some of you may be experiencing this with younger staff; you don’t have to put up with it.

Three critical principles I share with all my partners:

  1. Individuals hate, but thrive on discipline
  2. Teams reject, but succeed with accountability
  3. Businesses prefer shortcuts, but scale with process

I am spending most of my time these days helping brewery owners implement these principles into action.

Since you’ve committed to focusing on profits for 2018, these principles are a must. If you happen to be a brewery owner, or work in a leadership role, I ask you to consider discipline, accountability and process for your brewery.

In most cases, these principles require change. They also require tough conversations, neither of which are easy.

Reality Check: If any part of running a brewery was easy, everyone would do it.

Let all this sink in for a minute.

Actually take a week to think about the discipline, accountability, and process because next week I will share some practical steps on how implement these principles.

And since all I have are my experiences to share with you, these will be examples from actual breweries I work with.

Let’s go!




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