Dishing on Distribution with Sailfish Brewing Company

When the big production volume talks start, most brewery owners’ eyes light up. But with great distribution volume comes great responsibility… and some key make-or-break decisions for the brewery’s future. 

And that’s exactly what we cover in this episode of The True Craft Podcast.

Chris and Brandon explore the pro’s and con’s of choosing either an independent distributor or a larger distributor, how to become a leading local brand, and how the scope of distribution changes as the brewery grows.

In the interview portion of the episode, we talk to Dave BuShea from Sailfish Brewing Company in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Dave talks about his distribution journey, the changes they made when they moved up to a bigger brew system, and the thinking behind Sailfish’s product portfolio.


Premium Distributors of Washington, D.C.

Southern Eagle Distributing

DC Brau

Sailfish Brewing Company

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