Creativity In Chaos With Sanitas Brewing Company

For the first two seasons we’ve reserved the second episode to discuss what we called atypical times, but things have changed since then. Depending on where you are, things may be returning to “normal.”

So today we’re talking about this post-COVID world we live in.

Adam tells us what he considers one of the most important factors from lockdown times, how distributors reacted to closing down, and the chaos of adopting a COVID-puppy.

Then we bring our guest, Michael Memsic, co-founder and CEO of Sanitas Brewing Company out of Boulder, Colorado.

Michael tells us some of the creative ideas they utilized to adapt to the shutdowns (including an adult ice cream truck), about the new territory of working with way more liquor and grocery stores, and a bonus EOS geek-out session.



Sanitas Brewing Company

Reuben’s Sightglass


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