Am I Special?

“I’d be hard pressed if you work with another brewery with our same business plan.”

“I’m curious how many breweries you work that have the same structure as us, I bet not many.”

“We are unique.”


When it comes to the business of your brewery, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL.

Hard pill to swallow?

This reminds me of the time in which we are raising our children. 

Everyone gets a trophy.


This is not childsplay, this is business, and we need to be willing and able to take a shot of truth, direct to the gut, and learn from it. 

It’s pretty simple from where I sit. 

Breweries have two revenue streams. Taproom and wholesale. 


Am I missing something? 

Maybe contract brewing…

Yea, it’s worth mentioning contract brewing.

Chris Math:

  • Taproom you keep .80 for every $1.00 you sell in beer. (Brewpubs should keep .45 for every $1.00 you sell.)
  • Wholesale you keep .25 for every $1.00 you sell in beer.
  • Contract Brewing you keep .50 for every $1.00 you sell.

This is the way my brain works.

If we are meeting for the first time, you will hear me ask: 

“How many barrels did you sell last year, what percentage of that was taproom, and what percentage was wholesale?”

The margins in taproom v. wholesale are so wildly different, we need to honor the gap. 

This is why we have developed the only industry benchmarks based on revenue splits.

We don’t care how many barrels you produce, or how old you are.  

We don’t care where you are located or how competitive your market is. 

We have poured all of our research and focus in developing these benchmarks based on these revenue streams to tell if you are special. 

If it seems like I’m giving an unproportionate amount of love to your revenue DNA, it’s because I am. 

Our benchmark analysis begins by understanding your revenue. From there we are able to dive deep into the numbers that drive your bottom line. Items such as COGS, advertising, occupancy, all have a direct effect on your bottom line. 

The “a-ha” moments we experience are astounding. Imagine having a clear understanding of where you stack up. 

The comparison is cool, but also acknowledging where you need to ascend to is better. 

So here is my challenge to you.

Wanna find out if you are special before the end of the year?

  1. Check out our assessment page to understand the full scope of the service.
  2. Read this case study.
  3. Book a call.

See you next Friday.


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