Aces: Leadership in 2023

2023 is a year stacked with possibility.

2023 is also a year that will be full of its fair share of challenges, anxieties, and hard decisions.

We believe that regardless of what business you’re in, 2023 is a year for high-level execution.

And at the foundation? Your team. Our team.

At SBS, this has never been more true, as we make our way through January in what has already shown itself to be a significant year of growth.

Two themes we are focused on:

1. Impactful Leadership
2. Aces In Their Places

Here’s what they mean to us.

Step it up. Just as 2023 is a year for elevating your brewery team’s performance back up to (and beyond) pre-2020 levels, it’s also a year for us to do the same. Our intention is set to continue to raise the bar on our standards and use that focus to expand the impact of our work.

Back to basics. Simple scales, fancy fails. This rings just as true in how we lead our teams as it does with how we choose our flagship beer portfolios or how we decide which services to offer. Returning to your mission and values makes hard decisions less hard. And doubling down on what you’re best at is the path to sustained, profitable growth, even in the face of economic headwinds.

Right people, right seats. Just because you’ve heard it over and over again, doesn’t make it any less true. When it comes to your team (and ours), the more we recognize strengths and weaknesses, use our best judgment, and place people in positions where they thrive, the more we grow and succeed. 

Expand the pie. Placing aces in their places does not cut off growth or development. Rather, it enables each member of the team to lean into their strengths, and tap their teammates to cover for their weaknesses. When this dynamic comes together in the right way, magic happens. New opportunities appear. Long-standing problems are solved. The pie expands.

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