Small Batch Standard Services

Small Batch Standard Services

We have developed a specialized knowledge for the brewing and distilling space. Below are our core services, you can learn more about them on our home page or by contacting us.

  • Back office process design
  • Client Accounting Service (outsourced bookkeeping)
  • Taxes (Federal, State, Excise, TTB)
  • Tax Credit calculations for manufacturers
  • Strategic planning
  • Executive Coaching

2 thoughts on “Small Batch Standard Services”

  1. Just as Doug and I at Reiser Legal have poured our energy into developing a craft-brewery-focused law practice, Chris Farmand over at Small Batch Standard has devoted his accounting know-how to mastering the tax intricacies and smart savings strategies available to craft breweries. Screen-Shot-2014-11-11-at-5.

    1. I would like to offer my services to the craft breweries as our firm has become very efficient at finding money leaking from operating budgets and/or working capital of businesses as well as personal financial strategies.

      We share a process that pinpoints where dollars are currently being lost – we then assist in developing a plan to more efficiently control & grow cash flow and at the same time protect wealth & the future earnings on those dollars!

      Feel free to call or text me anytime to schedule a time to discuss how we can help you.


      Joe Myers

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