Running On EOS With Sanitas Brewing Co

If you’ve listened to the podcast up to this point, you may have noticed how much we bring up EOS.

For those who are unfamiliar, EOS stands for entrepreneurial operating system, and is the brainchild of entrepreneur and author Gino Wickman.

In our second episode of this season, we spoke with Michael Memsic from Sanitas Brewing Company, who we found is also obsessed with EOS and utilizing it every single day.

So, in today’s episode we welcome Michael back for an in-depth conversation on everything EOS and how it can be integrated into your brewery.

We talk about the importance of finding a rockstar at the integrator role, key factors when it comes to filling multiple seats within the accountability chart, and an example and breakdown of a scorecard.




What the Heck Is EOS? by Gino Wickman

Sanitas Brewing Company

Reuben’s Brews

Reuben’s Sightglass

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