The Relationship ROI with Pearce Fleming from Commonhouse Aleworks

Community goes beyond patron services: We’re talking wholesalers, retailers, local organization leaders, and employees. And when it comes to return on investment, it’s hard to find something that can be more lucrative than authentic relationship building.

Chris and Katy are joined on this episode of The True Craft Podcast by Pearce Fleming from Commonhouse Aleworks to discuss the specifics of fostering a brewery’s community (and it’s not just trivia night on Wednesdays).

We chat about:

  • The recently passed economic development bill in South Carolina, allowing breweries to sell more to-go beer (including a sixtel!)
  • Being “all in” with relationships: Whether wholesalers, local impact organizations, or customers; this mindset fosters community and ultimately leads to huge ROI
  • Open-book management and inspiring the brewery team to do their best work while creating an environment where employees can show up fully as themselves


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