Guidance on Federal Tax Credits from The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Last week the Families First Coronavirus Response Act was passed into law, which provides two federal tax relief options available to us.

Below are a few segments from our call on Tuesday, March 24th that walk through those options and their implications.

For reference, here are two documents (first, second) that contain some additional details.

The Two Coronavirus Response Act Credits

An overview of eligibility and the two tax credits that came out of the legislation: the Day Care Credit and the Sick Leave Credit.

The Day Care Credit

Details on the Day Care Credit with an example and clarifying questions.

The Sick Leave Credit

Details on the Sick Leave Credit along with some questions and two examples of applicability.

How Will These Credits Work?

How this is likely going to work in terms of execution and when this will apply from a cash flow perspective.

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