Go for gold

Have you ever heard of panning?

Simply put, it’s a form of mining. 

In layman’s terms, you go to a water source, put a bunch of rocks in a pan, put it in the water, and the heaviest minerals (usually gold) will fall to the bottom of your pan. 

It looks like this:

picture of gold panning

It’s simple, really.

The gold is heavier than everything else in the pan.

It takes some patience to sit there while repeatedly scooping and sifting, over and over and over…

But if you find a good source, there’s a high chance you’ll eventually find the gold you’re looking for.

You may be able to see where I’m going with this.

A few weeks ago, Chris talked about hiring

He shared some stories, philosophies, values, but what he didn’t share is the results of the team building efforts.

Through patience, perseverance, and some luck, we’re fortunate enough to be building the best crew possible.

In short, SBS has been growing, and we want to introduce some of the shining new faces.

Cindy Fink

Brewery Accountant

cindy fink

Cindy is “operate with the client’s best interest in mind,” exemplified. She brings to SBS a wealth of strategic numbers experience, as well as a versatile small business-oriented accounting skill set.

Meet Cindy

Amanda Dehart

Brewery Accountant

Having been an accomplished senior accountant at a boutique CPA firm, Amanda embodies SBS’s commitment to building deep client relationships. With top-notch problem solving skills and dedication to quality, Amanda shows up 100% for our clients and team.

Meet Amanda

Kelly Johnston

Executive Assistant

Kelly Johnston

Kelly brings years of empowering leadership teams to SBS. Her contributions are felt in every sector of the SBS business through her strengths in adaptability and collaboration. Her precision ensures the SBS team and our clients encounter smooth hoperations.

Meet Kelly

Keaton Jadwin

Sr. Brand Associate, UX Specialist

Keaton Jadwin

From helping to build the future of retail to owning a graphic design company, Keaton runs the gamut of design and brand identity, creating cohesive digital experiences for clients. With a commitment to authentic human connection, he brings his love of people to the forefront at SBS.

Meet Keaton

Sara Baity

Continuous Improvement Specialist

Sara is the embodiment of “in process we trust,” spending her time excavating through details to create systems that support our mission. With an eclectic background equipping her with a robust skillset, Sara assists the SBS team and clients by always asking “How can we make this better?”

Meet Sara

Go For Gold

Here’s a reminder of our core values here at SBS:

  1. Be antifragile
  2. Play the long game
  3. Embrace technology
  4. Build and trust the process
  5. Act as a team of expert knowledge workers

As Chris said, every step of the hiring process involves constantly circling back to these core values.

Sticking to this tried-and-true method has allowed the assembly of this all-star team.

A team that is bought into the mission.

At Small Batch Standard, everything we do is in the service of helping craft breweries grow profits. We do this in order to build deep, successful relationships with the owners and operators who make this industry great.

Together, we’ve coined this collective way of thinking: The SBS Way.

I encourage you to think about what your brewery’s “way” is, and to share it with your staff.

And we sincerely hope you get to meet these superstars.


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