Month: February 2017

CC // Q&A

Q: How important is operational process for my brewery? A: As polite as I can say it, if you are not growing, you’re dying. Before I get preachy on you let me define growth: increasing profit. Dude, the question was about process, how did you get to profit? Well they go together. Growth (profit) is …

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CC // Pint Price

Since taproom pricing is a personal mission of mine, I thought I would lay out 3 reasons to increase your on-premises pricing.   Average price per pint in the US is $3.62.  Are you above or below that?  Jeez, I hope above.  I will assume you are at $4.00 or $4.50 per pint.  What are …

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CC…Revenue Per Sq Ft.

A common question I get is: what is the quickest path to profitability for a brewery. We all know the answer is the taproom. The other day I got a curveball to that question.  A successful software developer asked: What is the quickest way to profitability while investing the least amount of money.  My reply …

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What is the deal with CC?

We start each post with CC to remind the reader we are Crafting Candor. Our unique and honest information delivery sets us apart. Add in our knowledge and we are deadly. We understand we are not for everyone, and that’s ok. Our customers experience a shortcut to success.   -cf  


What do the following groups have in common:   Mom + Camera + LLC   Brewery operator + Finance background   Nothing. They both have better compliments   If we are ever on the phone, ask me about moms & cameras, I have a hilarious story. Finance people are great at reading spreadsheets and raising …

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Small Batch Standard Services

Small Batch Standard Services We have developed a specialized knowledge for the brewing and distilling space. Below are our core services, you can learn more about them on our home page or by contacting us. Back office process design Client Accounting Service (outsourced bookkeeping) Taxes (Federal, State, Excise, TTB) Tax Credit calculations for manufacturers Strategic …

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