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Good morning my lovely friends. Good morning. Today I’m going to recap week four. Week four was all about revenue. That’s money coming into your brewery. Super important.

So day one, we talked about having a revenue mindset and I laid out five practical steps on how to become and adopt that mindset. Super critical. And it kind of laid the foundation for the rest of the week. Go back and listen to that one. It’s a goodie.

Day two: Always Be Closing. Our team needs to be trained, scenario-based training on different situations where we can do an upsell or a side sell or to generate more revenue. Okay, primarily in retail, which means primarily more profit.

Day three: Food. If you have a consistent established food program, you’re looking at 30% increase in beer sales. I’ll take it. I will take it.

And day four: we went through a bunch of “what ifs” when it comes to our wholesale.

This concludes the four weeks of unlocking profit. Sincerely, I hope you found value in these videos. I’ve been getting trickles of information and trickles of comments that the information in these videos have been super awesome and I really hope you have enjoyed them.

If you have a friend that is producing craft beverage and they could use this information, just forward an email. Forward the goodies. The ones that really stuck out to you. Hit forward. Forward it to multiple people.

I want this information to be as widespread as possible because we are collectively rooting for the same cause and moving in the same direction.

So, the more people that can hear this message, the merrier. It’s my intention to release more of these videos in the future. They may not be on profit, they may be on just a Chris rant or my thoughts on something, but I’ve really enjoyed this series and I hope you have as well.

I will hopefully talk to you soon. Take care.
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