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Hey, here we are: week four. Can you believe it? Can you believe we’re at the end of our unlocking profits series?

If you had to guess, what is week four about?

You are correct. Revenue. Money comin’ in.

Such a critical part of the business. Wouldn’t you say? So this week is all about revenue.

Something leads me to believe that most of you feel stuck when it comes to revenue generation. I don’t know, I have multiple conversations a week that give me this hunch and lead me to this. But would you agree that you feel stuck when it comes to revenue? It’s out of your control, customers will come when they come, whatever.

This week’s about to change that whole thought process. Because this week what I’m going to ask you to do is I’m going to ask you to adopt a revenue mindset.

Okay, I want you to adopt a set of beliefs that when you put them into practice, which we’re going to go over ways to put them into practice, will generate more revenue. Right? We talked about the cost-cutting. You’re working on that. Now we’re going to put the firepower behind it. We’re going to put the revenue behind it to generate the profits.

Alright, so let’s talk about five revenue mindset beliefs that we need to get working on.

Number one: Sales are incremental. Okay, sales is a process. It’s going to take time. Just like any other part of your business, any of the part of your brewery, it’s going to take time to increase.

So if you think it’s going to happen overnight, it’s not. It’s an incremental process. And once we start getting small wins, the small wins begin to compound.

Number two, belief number two: Pricing. You’re in control of your pricing regardless of what other breweries are doing and regardless of what’s out there in the market.

You’re in control of your pricing in your retail; you’re in control of your pricing in your wholesale. Okay? That’s just a fact about revenue.

You are in control of your pricing and we need to embody that. We need to accept that we’re in control of our pricing and not be stuck in the comparing game and what other people are doing.

Belief number three: The customers are out there. The customers are everywhere. The mindset that customers have so many more options now to go to breweries, that’s old school, right?

The customers are abundant and guess what? They want to visit your brewery. With the right branding, with the right programming, with the right liquid, with the right experience. They want to come be as price insensitive as customers are at breweries, at your place.

Belief number four: Revenue generation is a skillset. It’s going to take practice. It’s going to take training. It’s going to take repetition.

Just like a lot of the things that we talked about under cost-cutting, the same thing needs to happen with revenue. We need to begin to get into that repetition that revenue increased, revenue generation, is okay.

Last belief: Revenue is powerful.

I mentioned this before, I’m going to mention it again. We’ve taken the steps to change what we can control by reducing expenses. Now it’s time to take the power of revenue, increase it, and really drive more dollars to the bottom line.

Those are our five beliefs when it comes to a revenue mindset. I’m asking you to join me this week in adopting that.

Tomorrow, we’re talking about ABC: Always Be Closing. I’ll talk to you then.
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