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intelligent action boston dynamics

Intelligent Action: Make-or-break decisions in practice

When I first saw these videos… Not gonna lie, I kinda sh*t myself… (Metaphorically of course.) And it seems like most people in the comments …

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intelligent action breakdown

The Intelligent Action Series: The brewery’s pathway to profit through decision-making

Last week I gave you my Crystal Ball predictions. And I littered that bad boy with the theme for 2020: Intelligent Action. Now it’s time …

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2020 crystal ball predictions

Our 2020 Crystal Ball Craft Predictions

Welcome to the New Year! I hope yours is off to a bangin’ start. Now before we jump in, you should know… Here at SBS …

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bent water pro brewery example

What It Takes To Turn Pro: The pro vs. amateur brewery difference

New England is surrounded by beer giants… some of the biggest names in the industry. And more specifically, Massachusetts is now home to over 200 …

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new criteria for success

It’s Harder to Run A Brewery Than Ever: The new criteria for success

Last week I shared a short excerpt from my most recent talk and couched one of my core beliefs with a caveat… Belief: Craft as …

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benchmarks not enough video

Why Benchmarks, Metrics, and Tactics Aren’t Enough (and what is)

Spend just a short amount of time around me and you pretty much get the gist of what I’m all about… Yes Chris, we know. …

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nccbc 2019 presentation

The Gap: Our 2019 NC Craft Brewers Conference Recap

Alright, so we’re a week back from the NC Craft Brewers Conference… And what an amazing conference! The NC Brewers Guild knows how to put …

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santa atlas

Holiday Dip Offense: Creative revenue generation

In Part 2 of our Holiday Dip series, we’re transitioning from defense to offense through what we’re calling: creative revenue generation. But first… Turning The …

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cash flow management christmas tree farm

Holiday Dip Defense: Managing cash like a pro during the slow season

This is Part 1 of our Holiday Dip Series, where we tackle the problem from the finance side of the fence. But first, before we …

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patriots meme

The Holiday Dip Series: How to navigate the decrease in demand

The World Series and the New England Patriots… If your market happens to be attached to either of these two entities, you’re one of the …

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