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Crying About Competition…..Stop!

Someone told me that Labor Day signifies the end of summer. Is this true?   If it’s true, then change is upon us. Changes in …

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Contract Brewing: An Insider’s Guide to “Nomadic” Brewing

While in Nashville at the CBC this year I had a friend approach me with a question about contract brewing. They were talking to a …

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Does Everyone Get a Trophy?

As a father of three, I find myself asking the question; does everyone get a trophy? Correct me if I am wrong, but when I …

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I have a challenge for you

2018 is off to a weird start for breweries. Many of my predictions in the 2018 Crystal Ball post are happening faster than I anticipated. Let me …

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Crystal Ball 2018

It’s that time of the year again! For those of you who may have missed it, below were my crystal ball predictions for 2017. 2017 …

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Brewery Valuation Question

I received this email a while back about brewery valuation and sale and wanted to share… Chris, We are a small brewery about to celebrate …

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Wintertime Strategy

January is a weird part of the year for craft beer. Breweries are accustomed to writing it off as a slow part of the year. …

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Tax Tip Tuesday E.9 – Tax Reform

​It’s Thanksgiving Week! We’re hosting, kids are home, I’m cookin’……Life is good. Before I get into the tax tip I want to share a story …

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Tax Tip Tuesday E. 8 – Tax Reform

I’m sure you have heard that tax reform is upon us. Exactly what, when, or how is yet to be determined, but I am certain …

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Tax Tip Tuesday E.7 – Depreciation

Hey, here we are 7 weeks into our Tax Tip Tuesday series, have they been informative? Let me know. While all this info is super …

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