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We regularly publish our best insights, extracted from our direct front line experience, feedback, and observation of craft industry. This is not the place for patronizing, feel-good stories, but instead the hard truth owners and operators need to hear.

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Revenue Obsessed

Happy December, damn this year flew by. Brewery owners are obsessed with revenue. Sometimes referred to as “Sales” or “Top Line” “Bruh, sales are down …

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The Long Game Leadership

Calling back the introductory Long Game post. What is the ultimate goal of any parent? How do we keep this goal, front and center, when …

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The Long Game Operations

My children went back to school 3 weeks ago. Kids belong in school. Year-around. No breaks, ever. Kidding, I sympathize with my kids’ short summer …

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The Long Game Distribution

If the Zombie apocalypse were to occur tomorrow, my wife would be one of the first people to go. I know it, she knows it. …

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The Long Game Taproom

Hope you had a good week. I am sensing that my explanation of the Long Game was a bit rushed and murky last week. To clarify, Tom MIller, …

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The Long Game Playbook

Since returning from CBC, I have been fielding 5 new discovery calls a week from breweries wanting to learn more about what we do. I …

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Debt to Assets Ratio

I talked recently to a brewery looking to build a new taproom across town.  Their current taproom was packed nightly and they knew the potential …

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Is this a business or a hobby?

Are you running a business or a hobby?  You might say:  “Of course I’m running a business. I have a tax ID. I have a …

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Finding Clarity Through COGS

Do you know the cost of your beer?   Do you spend evenings tinkering with a multi-tab, multi-thousand cell costing spreadsheet you made, where you think …

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Own Your Backyard

We have a Scottish Terrier named Wallace, and he’s the quietest dog I’ve ever been around.  In the house, there is no barking, no whining; …

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