Aces: Leadership in 2023

2023 is a year stacked with possibility. 2023 is also a year that will be full of its fair share of challenges, anxieties, and hard decisions. We believe that regardless of what business you’re in, 2023 is a year for high-level execution. And at the foundation? Your team. Our team. At SBS, this has never been more …

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Stay of Execution

Hey there, Happy New Year My name is Chris Farmand and I am the founder at Small Batch Standard. We are the premiere financial agency for craft. Over the past 12 years our team has been immersed in craft beer finance. Needless to say we have learned a lot, and the industry has evolved. I …

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Mind the Gap – Expenses

If you are just joining us….welcome.Over the past 2 weeks I have been on a tear about the importance of Minding the Gap in your brewery’s finances. First up was Revenue and then came Cost of Goods Sold… And today we are talking about the hard part…General and Administrative Expenses. No one is talking about …

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Mind the Gap – COGS

When I visited London as a teenager I still remember seeing “Mind the Gap” everywhere. Street vendors and tourist shops were filled with merch plastering the words on hats, shirts, bags, etc, etc, etc Looks like that might still be the case today… Anyways. So it’s been a week since I’ve asked you to book …

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Revenue Obsessed

Happy December, damn this year flew by. Brewery owners are obsessed with revenue. Sometimes referred to as “Sales” or “Top Line” “Bruh, sales are down 20% quarter over quarter and we don’t know what to do.” I am getting the sense that as long as revenue remains the same or grows, you think everything will …

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cv tax credits thumbnail

Guidance on Federal Tax Credits from The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Last week the Families First Coronavirus Response Act was passed into law, which provides two federal tax relief options available to us. Below are a few segments from our call on Tuesday, March 24th that walk through those options and their implications. For reference, here are two documents (first, second) that contain some additional details. …

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