The Long Game

The Long Game Leadership

Calling back the introductory Long Game post. What is the ultimate goal of any parent? How do we keep this goal, front and center, when you have a starving screaming kid choking on their own snot because they are in a tantrum spiral which they can’t help? It’s hard to stay calm and level headed […]

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The Long Game Operations

My children went back to school 3 weeks ago. Kids belong in school. Year-around. No breaks, ever. Kidding, I sympathize with my kids’ short summer break when compared to what I used to have. But I’ll take it. The importance of this information is paramount because back in May I moved my office into my

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The Long Game Distribution

If the Zombie apocalypse were to occur tomorrow, my wife would be one of the first people to go. I know it, she knows it. We talk about it all the time. I think you would agree with me when I say a Zombie apocalypse would force your hand to make really hard decisions. Hard

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The Long Game Taproom

Hope you had a good week. I am sensing that my explanation of the Long Game was a bit rushed and murky last week. To clarify, Tom MIller, our COO, sent me this video which should clear up any confusion. (Please Watch) Hilarious, I know. The saddest part is, it basically sums up how 80% of the brewing industry operates.

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The Long Game Playbook

Since returning from CBC, I have been fielding 5 new discovery calls a week from breweries wanting to learn more about what we do. I stopped counting after the 6 week mark, but they keep coming. On the surface, it appears live speaking events are an excellent lead generation tool. Signaling roadshow? I have shown up to every one

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