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Hey, I’m gonna do this one from inside today because it is just nasty in Florida right now. It’s just raining nonstop. It does that a lot. It does that a lot in the summer.

But anyway, hope you had a great first week with our new unlocking profit series.

Yes, so I wanted to put this together because as mentioned on Monday, we all need to be focused on profits.

That’s what is the bottom line right now.

Haha — no pun intended.

The idea of this first week was really to get aligned on where profits come from and the culture of profits.

Profits can be scary to some people, right? Numbers are scary to some people, but profits in general can be scary, especially if you’re not generating them.

So if we can begin to change the mindset and understand where do profits come from and what are some drivers that we can begin to pull and push on and lean on to generate more profits, then the profits should happen.

So let’s do a quick recap of the week, right?

So Monday we talked about where profits come from.

According to CF, profits come from risk. You all took a risk opening your brewery, your cidery, your distillery. You got a business plan. The idea was profit, right?

Are you executing to that business plan? Are you executing to generating profit, right? So risk-reward. It’s really a life story, right? A life method.

Tuesday we talked about not being apologetic about profits, right? And this goes back into the whole fear, not really feeling comfortable about talking about profits. You as the owner should never apologize for placing profits near the first task of the business. Near the first thought of the business.

Because if you’re not placing it first, you’re not going to have a business. Ok?

On Wednesday we talked about Lizard Brain.

What is Lizard Brain? Lizard Brain is really keeping it simple. Keeping the profit idea simple, really. Bringing it down to a level where it’s easily communicated between various parts of the company, various people within the company, various skills within the company, and we get back to a profit, right?

And yesterday we talked about urgency, right? And the idea how urgency really is an unlock code in itself, an unlock theme in itself that if you begin talking about urgency and being urgent about various either new initiatives or cost-cutting measures, then profit will appear a lot faster than you expect.

And that’s really what we need right now. We need profit to come here pretty fast.

So what’s to come over the next couple weeks?

The next two weeks we’re going to talk about specific cost-cutting measures to generate profit, and then week four we’re going to talk about sales measures to increase profit.

I hope you enjoyed this week. There’s so much more to come, so much more practical tips in the upcoming weeks.

I will see you all Monday.

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