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Buddyyyy. Ever heard of the term lizard brain? I admittedly suffer from lizard brain.

What lizard brain means is: I need things explained to me at the lowest level of brain functionality.

Whatever it is. If something starts to get a little complicated and a little squirrely. It happens all the time with my 13 year old.

I ask him: Where are the hedge clippers?

“Well… I had to take — there was a big, unruly tree that —”

And I was like, just tell me where the hedge clippers are.

I need things explained to me at the lowest level possible. How does this apply to unlock code day three when it comes to profit?

You should have new ideas, new revenue streams, expenses, anything that has to do with profitability, validated and explained to you at the lowest level.

There are many times that Tom will come to me with an idea and I’ll say, “Lizard brain bro, lizard brain. I’m just not following.”

And then some people call this like, as if you’re explaining it to kindergarteners, as if you’re explaining it to elementary level, deliver it with baby gloves.

I call it lizard brain because at the end of the day, I’m trusting my gut. And what do lizards do?

That’s all they do. They’re just chasing the next meal. They’re chasing their gut.

They also have really small brains.

But the point here is, if it doesn’t feel right, and certainly if I don’t understand it, how can you move forward with it?

How is it going to affect profitability?

So, just say: Explain it to me, I have a lizard brain.

And the person who wants what they want should be able to deliver the ask in a very simplistic manner. And then you can make a decision.

It’s going to affect the profit.

Talk to you tomorrow.
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