Unlock Code: PRØF1T


Hey, y’all, CF here.

[speaking in country accent] I’m recording live from Florida and we’re about to have some fun. I don’t talk like that. I wish I did though. It would be pretty cool if I did, wouldn’t it? I gotta have a lot of fun with that accent.

All joking aside, I am here in Florida where we are in the dog days of summer, and it’s hot and it rains every single day. And I’m channeling my inner child from back when I was in summer and when I was a kid.

And what did I do in my summers? I played video games, I rode my bike, went out and swam.

And one of the coolest things about playing video games was back in the day, we had unlock codes, right? And unlock codes on the video games would get you new levels, new guns, new points, new unlimited lives.

You know that we at SBS have been talking about profit, ding, ding, ding. We’ve been talking about profit for the past six to eight months, and the importance and the urgency and the need for profit; how to drive that profit.

What I plan to do over the next 20 days is to give you unlock codes. 20 unlock codes on how to generate more profit.

Okay? Profit is a good thing, and it could be a scary thing to some people. So, we’re gonna take this first week and we’re gonna talk about the origin of profit. We’re gonna talk about where profit comes from, and we’re gonna talk about the culture around profit, right?

And the culture of what I believe should you should be sharing with your team about what, what profit really means.

So to get started, I wanna share my definition with you on where profit comes from. And I believe that profit comes from risk. Profit comes from taking a risk. What exactly does that mean? Right? So when you opened your business, you took out a loan, you gathered up investors, you took out equipment loans, you took out equipment leases, you signed a building lease.

All of these are risks.

You also had a business plan which you were gonna execute on, and that business plan had profit at the bottom, right?

So some of you opened up, executed wonderfully, and things are going well, you’ve had to pivot over the last few years, but things are going well.

Others of you, it’s the contrary, right?

So, in the world when you take a risk, the higher the risk, the reward should be higher. But on the flip side, the cliff is also steeper. So, what I’m trying to say to you is all of you have taken a risk, you’ve put this business into place.

What I hope to do over the next 20 days is give you ideas and theories on how to unlock more profit within your brewery.

Look forward to talking to you tomorrow.

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