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Yooo, what’s up? So here we are: Day two of revenue week and I’m gonna try to tie each of the revenue suggestions to one of the mindsets that I discussed on Monday.

Today what I want to focus on is revenue generation takes learning. It’s a skill set, right? And on Monday I kind of teased it saying we were gonna talk about always be closing, right? I don’t wanna get Glenn Gary, Glenn Ross cute right now. I want to be actually pretty serious about it. And what that saying really means is yourself, your team, your outside sales, your retail sales, your investors, really should always have the mindset that we need to make the next sale throughout the brewery.

So, how does this apply to wholesale? In wholesale, your reps are out and they’re thinking ahead and they’re looking ahead as to what’s a complimentary style, what’s a complimentary SKU for that account. Easier said than done, but you can begin to apply some of the principles and some sales training to your wholesale program and hopefully see some gains there.

But where it’s really powerful is — you know where I’m going — is in the retail, right? So I think that your retail staff on a regular basis, on a weekly basis, needs scenario-based training.

What do I mean? What I mean is: Customer walks in, they order a taster of something. Hopefully they don’t order a flight because you’ve done away with flights because flights are terrible.

Oooo did I say that out loud? That’s for a different day but they order a taster, a high-profit taster.

The team member who sold them that taster needs to be thinking about the next sale. Is it going to be another taster? Is it going to be a full pour? Is it going to be a half pour? Is it going to be some food item that goes along with that beer? Is it going to be a piece of merch that was designed after that beer? Right? And the scenario-based training is going to assist them and give them the confidence they need to execute these types of sales.

The revenue mindset that I’m referring to is that revenue generation takes skillsets. It takes training. Okay. This stuff is not going to happen overnight and your team needs to be equipped with the right tools to get the incremental sale.

Each incremental pour, taster, merch sale is compounded when you add it to the number of people visiting your brewery. And remember: The customer that visits your brewery is price-insensitive.

They’re there for programming, they’re there for experience, and they’re there for quality beer. So, sell them on what they’re there for.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
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