Podio Developer (Contract)

Our business runs on Podio, and up until now we’ve built out a significant level of customization within the PWA (GlobiFlow) automation platform. We’re now ready to find an outside developer who can come in and help us continue to improve our processes and level up our ability to build customized applications.

Specifically, we’re looking for help with an initial project to build and automate our sales and contract generation process for new clients within Podio. Shortlist of rough desired outcomes:

  1. Transition sales pipeline from ActiveCampaign into Podio and add in updated workflow tasks.
  2. Connect our pricing formula to our discovery form and integrate in with Podio sales app.
  3. Automate MS Powerpoint proposal deck creation based on Podio data and existing PPT template.
  4. Automate MS Word contract creation based on Podio data and existing Word contract templates.

If this first project is successful, this will most likely turn into an ongoing engagement as well as we continue to identify and execute process improvements just like this one all over the business.

If you’re interested, please submit an application using this link.

We’ll review and follow up to schedule a Zoom call in which we can walk you through the project and application in detail and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you!

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