Logan Jones

Chief of Staff

Meet Logan

Coming from a legal tech/AI startup background, Logan’s true strength lies in her desire to support the entrepreneurial pursuits of her own and others. And as a barred attorney (New Jersey) with a degree from Rutgers Law School, Logan’s skill set expands beyond just operational excellence.

From improving daily operations and supporting SBS’s HR and Legal Departments to assisting with strategic and tactical initiatives across the company, Logan elevates the team as a major contributor to our collective group of expert knowledge workers.

With various entrepreneurial pursuits of her own, Logan also provides consulting services to industry leaders to “solve their pain points by establishing wildly important goals and implementing effective lead measures to achieve them.”

Q&A With Logan

What do you consider your professional superpowers to be?

I would say my professional superpower is making sense of and organizing chaos. I enjoy taking others’ and my own scattered thoughts and translating them into templates, systems, and standards. I have really enjoyed acting as an internal consultant throughout my unique career path. The law degree helps too.

What do you like most about what you do?

I’m excited to be an asset in several areas of our company, taking on a lot of the whirlwind and creating space for our accomplished team of professionals to focus on the responsibilities they’re uniquely gifted to do.

What are some of your other interests?

I’m a big sports fan (diehard fan of the Dallas Cowboys and North Carolina Tar Heels). I love movies and even wrote a full screenplay as my COVID lockdown project.

I travel quite a bit, despite still not having a passport, and I live at the Jersey shore, so I love going to the beach and boardwalk.

What’s your beverage of choice?

Yuengling. Hands down.

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