Darla Sawyer

Brewery Accounting Associate

Meet Darla

Based out of Sacramento, California, Darla’s experience spans a spectrum of accounting and financial support roles that have contributed to helping develop the financial clarity and strength of various businesses, including local non-profit organizations.

Darla made her way into the accounting realm via a wide array of responsibilities working at a Sacramento non-profit, followed by a series of more traditional accounting roles at bookkeeping and CPA firms.

Having successfully worked with a broad base of clients in a variety of capacities, Darla elevates the SBS team to new heights!

Q&A With Darla

What do you consider your professional superpowers to be?

My adaptability and insight into the bigger picture. When learning something new, I try to envision what the full process beyond my role looks like in order to understand how each piece fits and functions.

What are some of your other interest?

I love to learn, and am usually taking a class to learn a new skill of some sort. I enjoy hiking the various terrains in California with my Akita, especially anything coastal.

What is your craft beverage of choice?

Sours, particularly anything with citrus notes.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The patterns and problem-solving in accounting, but most of all empowering others to understand and feel confident about their finances so their energy can be focused on the work that brings them joy.

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