Bridget Lawless

Brewery Accounting Associate

Meet Bridget

Mastering the balance of building client relationships, financial review, and strategic problem solving, Bridget has developed her own unique style of elevating the companies with whom she works. As a Remote Technical Account Manager, she formerly lent her expertise to Qualtrics, a software development company, by assisting client relationships in the Finance Industry and supporting the engineering team with everyday problem solving.

Hailing from Rochester, NY, Bridget has also spent her summers supporting a local business with everything from transactions to payroll. She is currently enrolled in an MBA accounting program to further strengthen her skillset all while making moves here at SBS.

Q&A With Bridget

What do you consider your professional superpowers to be?

Being able to troubleshoot an issue and navigate back to the root of the issue.

What do you like most about the craft industry?

The many stories that not only encompass the brewery as a whole but the stories of each beverage that gets created! There is a meaning behind everything (small or big) and I think that knowing the story behind something helps to bring it to life in the people that make it, serve it, and drink it!

What are some of your other interests?

I love to race competitively on sailboats. I grew up on the water my entire life and I love to go out on a sailboat with friends and race on the water.

What’s your craft beverage of choice?

My craft beverage of choice is the Margarita Gose Sour from K2 Brewing up here in Rochester, New York!

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