CC // Taproom Pricing

Since taproom pricing is a personal mission of mine, I thought I would lay out 3 reasons to increase your on-premises pricing.   Average price per pint in the US is $3.62.  Are you above or below that?  Jeez, I hope above.  I will assume you are at $4.00 or $4.50 per pint.  What are …

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What is the deal with CC?

We start each post with CC to remind the reader we are Crafting Candor. Our unique and honest information delivery sets us apart. Add in our knowledge and we are deadly. We understand we are not for everyone, and that’s ok. Our customers experience a shortcut to success.   -cf  

Small Batch Standard Services

Small Batch Standard Services We have developed a specialized knowledge for the brewing and distilling space. Below are our core services, you can learn more about them on our home page or by contacting us. Back office process design Client Accounting Service (outsourced bookkeeping) Taxes (Federal, State, Excise, TTB) Tax Credit calculations for manufacturers Strategic …

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Technology Suggestions for the Back Office Pt.2

in-case you missed the sexy INTRO to this topic Let’s digress for a moment and define the “Back-office.” – n. slang for location in brewery where the paperwork magic happens. (digression end) So what goes on in the back office? Hiring, firing, ordering, loitering, receiving, shipping, counting, Accounting, costing, payroll, utilizing, collaborating, reporting, tracking, paying, …

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