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CC // Wicked Weed Please

PRODUCT. BRAND. MARKET. SELL. STRATEGY. EXECUTE. MEASURE. HACK. All bullshit aside, let’s forget about selling the brewery for a minute. Why don’t we focus on making it through this “umph.” I define a “umph” as the leveling off in an industry cycle. It happened in the 90’s, my paper talks about it, it will happen …

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CC // Taproom Pricing

Since taproom pricing is a personal mission of mine, I thought I would lay out 3 reasons to increase your on-premises pricing.   Average price per pint in the US is $3.62.  Are you above or below that?  Jeez, I hope above.  I will assume you are at $4.00 or $4.50 per pint.  What are …

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What is the deal with CC?

We start each post with CC to remind the reader we are Crafting Candor. Our unique and honest information delivery sets us apart. Add in our knowledge and we are deadly. We understand we are not for everyone, and that’s ok. Our customers experience a shortcut to success.   -cf  

Tax Credits

Most microbreweries and brewpubs should be aware of three tax saving provisions they are most likely eligible for.  The provisions consist of two tax credits and one deduction, it is important to have a tax professional position the company to take best advantage of them.  The three provisions are: FICA Tip Credit Domestic Production Activity …

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CC // Crystal Ball

I am weary of throwing prediction info around. But this year I said, why not? Here are my predictions for 2017: Craft beer revenues grows 5%-7%. The price of contract brewing decreases by 40% at the end of 2017. Restaurant Groups and Real Estate groups begin buying breweries Foreign beer groups begin buying US breweries …

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Technology Suggestions for the Back Office Pt.2

in-case you missed the sexy INTRO to this topic Let’s digress for a moment and define the “Back-office.” – n. slang for location in brewery where the paperwork magic happens. (digression end) So what goes on in the back office? Hiring, firing, ordering, loitering, receiving, shipping, counting, Accounting, costing, payroll, utilizing, collaborating, reporting, tracking, paying, …

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Technology is a Tool

Since this is a super interest of mine, I am going to break it down into two posts: 1) Technology is a Tool and 2) Technology Suggestions for the Back-Office: A burning question that kept surfacing at the conference was, “what software are you using?”  When I start working with a  brewery I always preface …

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Fixed Assets and Depreciation

Boring stuff: Depreciation is the benefit you receive over a given time period from the capital assets you purchased (tank, fermenter, canning line, etc)  Unlike monthly recurring expenses (utilities, office salaries, supplies) capital assets are placed on the balance sheet rather than the profit and loss.  The depreciation from these assets is what appear on …

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