Boil it Down

What is the deal with CC?

We start each post with CC to remind the reader we are Crafting Candor. Our unique and honest information delivery sets us apart. Add in our knowledge and we are deadly. We understand we are not for everyone, and that’s ok. Our customers experience a shortcut to success.   -cf  

Technology is a Tool

Since this is a super interest of mine, I am going to break it down into two posts: 1) Technology is a Tool and 2) Technology Suggestions for the Back-Office: A burning question that kept surfacing at the conference was, “what software are you using?”  When I start working with a  brewery I always preface …

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Boil it Down

We break it down! Why?  We need to understand why your process are what they are. Surely the accounting department has some rhyme to the reason.  Each brewery is unique in the way it runs its back office. Some self-distribute, others outsource payroll, while others are operating in a dark corner, on crates, beside the …

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