Bridget Bell

Senior Brewery Accountant

bridget bell

Meet Bridget

A true homebrewer at heart, Bridget was doing bookkeeping work with a property management company when she came across a job post from Chris looking for a brewery accountant. After meeting for a beer, Chris and Bridget hit it off and the rest is history.

Side Note: She also took a 6-pack of homebrew to the interview, which may or may not have swayed his decision…

As the senior-most member of the SBS Accounting team, Bridget is both an expert practitioner and a wealth of knowledge for both clients and coworkers.

You can connect with Bridget on LinkedIn here.

"Not only is Bridget a knowledgeable brewery accountant, I feel like I've gained a new friend in working with her! She'll jump on a call in a heartbeat to walk me through whatever I need help with (life). She's a wizard in the back office and keeps our numbers straight as an arrow. Bonus, she even has a kegerator built into her kitchen!"

nikki williams
Nikki Williams
General Manager, Gnarly Barley Brewing

Q&A With Bridget

What do you consider your professional superpowers to be?

Understanding beer and the brewing process plus 30+ years of various accounting jobs involving different types of businesses.

What’s the best part about working at SBS?

I love our clients. I love not doing the same thing every day. We have a great team of coworkers. Working remotely is also a big plus.

What do you like most about the craft industry?

That people value our services and expertise. They know beer but they also have the humility to bring us in for help managing their business.

What are some of your other interests?

I love music and my free time is often spent cooking, brewing, practicing my ukulele or playing with the grandkids.

Fun Fact: Bridget is my middle name. I’ve always gone my first name (Leslie) but started using my middle name because St. Brigid, the patron saint of brewers, babies, women and farmers, among others, is reputed to have turned water into beer. Bridget Bell Brewing is my homebrew label.

What’s your craft beverage of choice?

BEER! Expecially IPAs.

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