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All bullshit aside, let’s forget about selling the brewery for a minute. Why don’t we focus on making it through this “umph.” I define a “umph” as the leveling off in an industry cycle. It happened in the 90’s, my paper talks about it, it will happen again. Lets circle back to my EBITDA ladder for a minute.

Small Batch Standard EBITDA Ladder


Notice that this chart references Percent of Small Business. Not percent of Craft Breweries. This is important because it further emphasizes the tiny number of breweries eligible for sale.

The eight words at the top of this page are critical for maintaining relevance and success. You can use them in the order seen above, or rearrange them how you like. Either way these are the step to move your brewery up the EBIDTA ladder. Staying relevant in a competitive market takes work. Success is achieved from a plan and stamina. We can help you establish a plan. We can hold you accountable. We can validate your timeline. Fill out our contact form to schedule a call.

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