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I had three inquiry calls last week.  One question I always ask is, where are your distributing?  All three breweries used the term “hyper-local.”  Two of them asked about a strategy to move past “hyper-local” once they saturate “hyper-local.”  

As many of you know dominating 30-50 miles from the brewery is a criteria for Head of the Class status.  Of the four criteria this may be the most important today.  Not sure if “hyper-local” and my criteria are synonymous, but let’s assume they are.

Opening a new market takes a lot of resources.  Premature openings lead to underserved markets.  Underserved markets may* result in brand dilution.  Surely you know this already.  Breweries have differing opinions on what retracting from a market does to a brand.  My stance on local has never been more firm.  There is too much competition to be dilly-dallying in markets you can’t support.  

Here’s a freebie, start by outselling every local and regional competitor in your market. Then we can talk about strategy on how to expand.  Call me crazy now, thank me later.


*most definitely

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